Transportraits: Women and Mobility in the City (2010)

An exhibition by Jagori, curated by Gauri Gill, to coincide with the Delhi Declaration on Women's Safety.

Alliance Francaise Gallery, November 22nd – 24th 2010


Including the artists Amruta Patil, Priya Sen, Ruhani Kaur and Uzma Mohsin; and the collectives Blank Noise and Lucida, in collaboration with the young people of Madanpur Khadar. The show includes a wide selection of entries from the public - photographs as well as testimonies and drawings, contributed by professionals as well as lay people. The exhibit will travel to schools and colleges across the country later.


About the exhibition – pdf

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Nobody's Children




Nobody's Children (2005)

An exhibition of photographs by Tarun Chhabra, on Delhi’s street children.


PLEASE JOIN US FOR AN evening of music AND reflection on childhood IN THE BHAKTI


BY Vidya Rao



AUGUST 30th, 2005


7:00pm, Amphitheatre,


Lobbies 5A, 4A, 4B, & 6A will be on view till November 30th, 2005.


Funds raised from this event will help set up a medical outreach programme for children living on the platforms of New Delhi Railway Station.

In collaboration with the India Habitat Centre and the Visual Arts Gallery
Organised by Youthreach India.





Scalo Book




1000 Peace Women Across the Globe (2005)

The artist traveled across India to photograph twenty five of the activists profiled in the book, and later helped Sangat put together a traveling exhibit that was on view in New Delhi and traveled to various other cities within India, including Kashmir and the North East.


Millions of women are engaged daily in working towards a better future. Without regard for their own safety, they are active on behalf of the community's well-being. They call for reconciliation, demand justice, and rebuild what has been destroyed. They work on the front in crisis and war regions, as well as in the background all over the world. The project and book 1000 Peace Women Across the Globe have tried to draw the world’s attention to these women and their thus far nearly invisible, but highly important work, and to have them nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. The book introduces the 1000 women who were carefully chosen to represent the millions doing similar work around the world. Each one is presented on a double page, with a short biography and most of the women with a portrait photograph. Both, images and texts, were compiled by local journalists and authors, as well as by academics and members of organizations.


1000 Peace Women Across the Globe is the ultimate manifesto of the Peace Women and will become a reference guide for NGOs, governments, peace and women’s networks and relief organizations as well as a general audience interested in grassroots movements working towards the growth of democratic civil society.


Published by Scalo Publishers; illustrated edition edition (March 30, 2006). Hardcover: 1073 pages. Language: English. 7.8 x 5.2 x 2.4 inches.


Sangat South Asia